1. What is a currency exchange company?

currency exchange companies are basically businessess that allow customers to swap one currency for another. currency exchanges can be made in physical areas like financial institutions(Banks) and airport, nowourdays we commonly find them online.

2. What causes exchange rate difference?
Exchange rates are always changing. Whether one currency is in higher demand than another, depends on the perceived value of owning it, either to pay for goods and services, or as an investment. Exchange rates are constantly moving, based on supply and demand.

3. Where do we change currency?
In such a case, you will have to exchange the Foreign Currency at BOSECX FX LTD, for We deal in Currency Exchange across many African countries, Europe, China, and America. We exchange USD, GBP, EURO, RMB, XOF, etc

4. What is the best time to exchange currency?
Currencies are best to be exchange in  the morning or late afternoon cited . this is because Currency can fluctuate throughout the day too. These are just trends though and the currency markets fluctuate regularly, so keep your eye on them if you're looking to exchange currency soon.

5. Where can I change money in Cameroon?
The best place to change money is at a financial institution. We do not encourage you to change on the street. Never exchange money with a private citizen on the street. BOSECX FX LTD offer you the best services as it comes to currency exchange.